The new Sullivan website has been a labor of love many, many months in the making.

Websites are the digital front door to your company, and getting it right is imperative in today’s world. We do it all the time for clients, and try to make it as easy as possible for them. But it’s significantly harder when you do it for your own company; it forces you to ask tough questions about who you are as a company, and as a culture.

The new Sullivan website has been a labor of love many, many months in the making. There were several—and I mean dozens—of meetings about what it should be, what it needed to do, how it needed to work. The danger of over-thinking was very real.

I could tell you the voice of the site is meant to represent the same blend of wry humor, curiosity, and thoughtfulness you’d hear in our conference rooms.

I could tell you how attached we are to the search feature, a new addition for this version of the site, because really, any site should ultimately be built around giving the user what they want.

I could tell you how we struggled—like basically all firms in our industry—to strike the right balance of showcasing our creativity and our strategic insight (the jury will always be out on this one).

I could tell you we took our own belief seriously—that brand is earned one moment at a time—and tried to build a site that makes you feel like your visit is time well-spent without asking too much of you.

But at the end of the day, what’s behind our new site is incredibly simple: the work and the people behind it. The strategy and the creativity that goes into creating every level of an experience for our clients’ clients. I hope that comes through.

Welcome to the new

(And keep an eye out for many updates, coming shortly, featuring all of the things we really wanted to include but that just didn’t make the cut for launch.)