Commanding attention for a new product.

About AXA

We found the way to life insurance producers' minds and hearts was through their break rooms.

AXA was launching a bold new life insurance product that guarantees coverage to 90 years old; a product AXA was confident advisors would be excited to offer clients–if only they knew it existed. The trick was figuring out how to grab their attention and get in the consideration set. We created a campaign celebrating what 90 looks like today and the joy of helping clients live long, meaningful lives with confidence.

What We Did

  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative concepts
  • Email
  • Integrated campaign
  • Digital
  • Direct mail

Making life insurance fun.

Spread the fun in life insurance across channels to create an unexpected splash.

A breakthrough direct mail campaign.

Slicing dimensional mail in a new way to create a breakthrough moment.

Generating buzz.

Creating a buzz by rising above the noise.

how it worked

How it worked.

17% increase in YOY sales
200% increase in landing page visitors, and 1.7M impressions across social
100% increase in policy illustrations after launch