A bigger picture: How data visualization can tell a broader story

In today’s digital landscape, we are awash in data. It’s everywhere we look. Having the data is one thing. Using it to tell a story, however, is something entirely different. Where data really becomes valuable is when it’s elevated beyond the numbers, and presented in a way that’s engaging, easy to understand, and contextualized within a larger narrative. For our client Insight Partners, a leader in tech investments, we faced the challenge of demonstrating their extensive domain expertise in a captivating way. 


When Insight Partners asked us to design an experience that showcased their operating model, we saw an opportunity to go beyond static charts and graphs. Our approach was to create a mini-site within their existing platform that felt dynamic and alive with energy. By integrating interactive data visualizations and motion-driven design, we aimed to captivate users and highlight Insight Partners’ expertise in an engaging manner.  


The Domains explorer section was designed to be intuitive and informative. The landing page provided a broad overview of Insight Partners’ areas of expertise, with hover states and clickable elements leading users to detailed domain pages. This design not only demonstrated the breadth of their knowledge but also allowed portfolio company management teams to delve deeper into specific areas of interest, making the exploration process both seamless and enjoyable. 


It can be easy to get carried away in the fun of data visualization. There are many opportunities to create interesting graphics and playful interactions.  

But you can never lose sight of the primary objective—story telling. For Insight Partners, we drew inspiration from data journalism and SaaS design patterns—using real-time data to create interactive and dynamic stories that feel energized and alive. Each visualization was crafted to be not only informative but to encourage users to interact and explore the data.


Ultimately, the result was a digital platform that not only showcases Insight Partners’ expertise but also sets a new standard in the venture capital industry. By turning data into a strategic tool, the mini-site experience enhances engagement and understanding, positioning Insight Partners as a leader in their field. It’s a textbook example of how thoughtful data aggregation, innovative design, and creative storytelling can create new value for clients and elevate a brand’s message.