An Inside Look At Traveler Decision-Making

Where They Go. Why They Stay. looks at how consumers choose and book hotels

At Sullivan, we have a long history of working with companies that are facing a disruption in the way they need to connect with customers. We help them navigate the intersection between the way things have been done and the way things will be done, and the implications that has for approaching a brand’s marketing.

Industries like financial services, higher education, and technology have changed dramatically over the last few years as consumers have shifted the way they evaluate brands and make decisions. One of the industries at the forefront of this disruption right now is the hospitality industry, and hotels in particular. Aggregators, third-party booking engines, home-sharing, and a tech-driven and social culture are fundamentally changing the way travelers decide where to stay–and consequently, how hotels need to reach them.

To better understand the industry’s challenges and the opportunities for hotel marketers to communicate more effectively, we partnered with qualitative research firm 20|20 Research on a multi-day discussion board and subsequent one-on-one video interviews with a diverse group of participants from around the United States. Through monitoring participants’ behaviors and follow-up conversations, we gathered insights into how travelers evaluate hotels and make booking decisions.

Today, we’re thrilled to be launching Where they go. Why they stay, a report that combines what we learned from the study with our decades of experience helping marketers influence decisions.

View the report here and if you want to discuss what you read, please get in touch.

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