Nick Miller joins Sullivan as Managing Director

Sullivan is pleased to welcome Nick Miller as Managing Director of Strategy. He hails from Siegel+Gale, where he’s spent more than a decade in the global branding world.

Miller, whose clients have included Google, Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Visa, Wells Fargo, and Kearney, focuses on foundational brand work that helps corporations be useful, empathetic, and interesting to their audiences. He specializes in strategy—including brand positioning, architecture identity, and culture—but, like Sullivan, also has a strong track record of activating strategies through large-scale brand launches and employee engagement programs.

He is a student of simplicity and clarity, believing the best brand experiences are remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh. He’s translated this ethos to existing giants in the Silicon Valley tech world, to European markets across Scandinavia, Switzerland, and the Mediterranean, and to fledgling brands in the middle east across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Oman.

Miller will bring this experience to Sullivan engagements across the financial services, technology, and professionals services sectors.

Prior to Siegel+Gale, Miller worked in business development and account management at RedPeg Marketing, a Washington, D.C.-based brand engagement agency. He graduated from The George Washington University School of Business with a degree in Marketing and Information Systems Technology.

In his spare time, Miller enjoys making homemade pasta, lounging at the beach (whether at his native Jersey shore or in the south of France), and flexing his improv comedy muscle.