Insight Partners

Branding the moment when everything changes

A bird of a different feather 

How do you convince someone to sell you a stake in their company? You prove unequivocally that you’re the only choice to get them from ground level to 30,000 feet with ease. 

In private equity, you need a partner that can help you navigate the roadblocks and nuances of scaling. But how do you find a partner like that? What do you look for that sets them apart? 

That’s the question that was brought to us by Insight Partners: a firm that specializes in the high-growth trajectory between startup and “grown-up.” 

Insight brings a unique advantage to their portfolio companies—their experience. 25 years spent launching high-growth software companies has given them unparalleled understanding of the trajectory that leads to success.

What they needed was an identity that could define their own space and amplify their status as a leader in the sector.

Embracing the moment 

Insight’s reimagined brand identity captures the adrenaline of the founder’s experience and embraces the raw emotion and power inherent in the startup journey. It dramatized those critical moments when a company either falls off a cliff or soars to unimagined heights.  

Scale Up. Take Off.  

We activated this bold new feeling across the breadth of their customer journey to optimize their overall sales experience—trading in a disparate set of messages in for sales decks and collateral that told a story about celebrating the journey of ScalingUp. For their website, we highlighted how their experience allows them to come to the table with exactly what leaders need, whether that’s databases, global connections or just insights gained from having been through this before.   

What we did



Communication strategy

Customer experience


Sales enablement

Verbal identity