Disrupting wealth management 

These days, everyone’s got their own American Dream. So you can’t just sell people a product or a plan to get them there, you need to be there for them as a confidante, an ally—an advisor.  

The value of a blank slate  

Osaic, formerly known as Advisor Group, has been steadily expanding its independent network of wealth management practices since 2016. After a series of acquisitions, they encountered an opportunity to redefine the standards of the wealth management industry.  

We partnered with Osaic to strategically position them for a new stage of growth by delivering an entirely new name and identity that gives them the permission to disrupt what it means to be a leader in wealth management today. 

A promise to thrive  

When we considered the potential future of wealth management along with our client’s desire to evolve, we focused on the realities that advisors face today. Continual disruption to our working models has placed a strong emphasis on work life balance and approaches that fit into individuals’ lives. For Osaic, this meant evolving to be a brand that could plug into Advisors’ lives, not the reverse. Life-centricity and the ability to thrive built up the DNA of a new name and everything that followed.  

Life, at the center of everything 

Osaic as a name and identity inspired by the sense of community that we discovered at the heart of their organization. We saw advisors that supported each other professionally and personally—taking time to trade tips while also enjoying margaritas and manicures together. 

Just like how a mosaic is constructed, pieces create new meaning when brought together. Given that, the logo and visual systems are built around connection and the importance it plays in an advisor’s work. Tonally we struck a chord that prioritized a spirited supporter, championing advisors for the noble role they play in their clients’ lives. Finally, as we developed this identity through initial web designs and campaigns, we gave dimension to the real effects that come with being backed by a partner that places your life at the top of its priorities.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Collateral
  • Digital design
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
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Building on beliefs, not process

Helping you and your clients thrive.
Power to the advisors.