A DIY guide for going to market.

About Cognizant

You can't be all things to all verticals

Cognizant is an international digital solutions provider that works across multiple industries and verticals – healthcare, banking, retail and finance. While this diversity makes their finance teams very happy, it can complicate things for Cognizant’s marketing folks. And for good reason. Each vertical the company serves has its own marketing team, responsible for creating their own strategies to market their solutions. Not optimal conditions for consistency.

What We Did

  • Sales enablement
  • Training
  • Digital sales tool
  • Customer experience design

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Who doesn't love a workbook?

For Cognizant, partnering with an agency for every new product launch wasn’t practical. But training and educating their sales team was. So we created a simple, self-guided, how-to workbook that empowered their field marketing teams.

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The workbook includes steps for identifying target personas, developing effective value propositions and messaging, and naming offerings with consideration for the master brand, to name a few. It also helps marketers better articulate why Cognizant’s solution is the right solution for their customers needs, so they can speed up time to market and meet revenue goals.

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Yes, there will be homework

A good partnership provides learning for both parties. Building in steps for validation and checking in with stakeholders built a strong marketing foundation and ensured work wasn't done in a vacuum. Finally, an iterative design approach makes a positive impact — Cognizant's workbook is editable so they can fine-tune their messaging. Now, pencils down. Hand in your work.