Elevating real estate beyond transactions 

To differentiate themselves in an industry focused on transactions, Longfellow sought to emphasize relationships—and the support they bring to their clients in the life sciences industry. 

Amplifying a growing reputation 

Longfellow is an emerging leader in the life sciences and technology real estate market. With a solid list of satisfied clients, they wanted to elevate their reputation and compete against more established industry giants. 

Building a brand around relationships 

Our strategy was to position Longfellow as an integral part of their clients’ journeys. By owning the client experience, we elevated their brand beyond mere credibility. Unlike their competitors, who often take a hands-off approach, Longfellow focuses on building lasting partnerships. They were invested in their clients’ outcomes, working with them to solve problems and be as successful as possible in their space.

A visual identity that puts clients at the center 

The visual identity we developed for Longfellow aimed to infuse a youthful energy into their brand—breaking from the stodgy, corporate look that dominates the industry. The imagery puts tenants—or clients as they prefer to call them—at the center, featuring people in casual dress and relaxed environments. This aligns well with Longfellow’s target demographic of entrepreneurial and forward-thinking founders who are looking to challenge convention.

A global digital framework that resonates locally 

A key component of the digital strategy was the concept of “brand globally, sell locally.” The website provides a broad overview of Longfellow’s new positioning while offering detailed, localized content for each market. This approach not only empowers local teams to own and tailor their own content, but it demonstrates Longfellow’s dedication to crafting experiences that best serve their clients’ individual needs. 

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Digital strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Visual identity
  • Website