Evergreen Trading

Elevating a category and a company.

About Evergreen Trading

Corporate what!?

Corporate trade, sometimes called barter, might be one of the most misunderstood categories in media. Trade allows companies to turn unwanted assets into future media credits. And while CFOs and CPOs love the value it provides, CMOs generally tend to be less than enthusiastic. They’re thinking, you bought our junk so the media you give us in return must be junk as well, right? Not so fast.

What We Did

  • Positioning
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Identity
  • Website
  • Guidelines
  • Digital Strategy

Section 1

From procurement to partnership.

While Evergreen Trading does trade media for unwanted assets, they’re much more partner than vendor. Their new brand system moves them away from the category’s corporate, procurement-driven image, and helps illustrate their unique media investment model. The pathway design element communicates Evergreen’s desire to work side-by-side with the CMO.

Section 2

“Are you sure you’re a corporate trade company?”

To help demystify their business, we built an iconography system that illustrates the breadth of the products they’re willing to take on. We traded the sad, dated photos of pencils, slacks and office chairs for simple, clean and friendly icons that spoke more to their service and culture.

A new photo style, color palette and brand ambassador kit helped energize and galvanize the entire organization.

Section 3

Bringing it all together.

As businesses increasingly rely on digital experiences to grow their bottom line, a thoughtfully designed and executed website isn’t a “nice to have,” it’s table-stakes. Our new site for Evergreen not only served as the perfect channel to relaunch their brand, it also helped promote their credibility among CMOs as an insightful, innovative and easy to work with partner. The animated path highlights their collaborative nature and guides the user through the experience.

Section 4

How it worked.

"Having a fresh, exciting, and differentiating identity that celebrates who we are and what we do has not only invigorated our internal culture—it’s bolstered both our recruiting and new business efforts."

- Jen Herrmann, SVP Client Partnerships
SEO-friendly structure and improved performance helped drive an 81% increase in sessions
27% increase in website’s new users
69% increase in pages views