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About Twitter

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Before reorganizing, Twitter’s marketing efforts were primarily a local affair — different markets around the world were all doing, and saying different things. But after creating a global marketing function they faced an interesting dilemma. How do you unite decentralized teams around a unified global plan and remain flexible enough to tailor messages to local markets?

What We Did

  • Marketing planning process
  • Marketing plan template
  • Messaging workshop
  • Marketing workshop

Section 1

Think global, act local.

To help Twitter standardize their creative and marketing efforts, we developed a planning process, created templates and designed training programs to help their global and regional teams get on the same page. After all, the same product sold in different parts of the world is still the same product.

We created a new process and marketing templates to make sure all teams were working from the same playbook and could avoid spending time to recreate existing processes. We hosted interactive workshops to engage team members to participate, learn, and understand the new protocols.

Our workshops dug into questions around local audiences and their diverse needs. Through activities and brainstorms, we helped ensure teams were equipped to create seamless and unified brand experiences no matter where they are.

Section 2

How it worked.

"Yesterday’s session was great. We were so pleased with everyone’s level of engagement and interest; you have all been fantastic partners to our team."

- Christine Cuoco, Senior Director & Global Head of Business Marketing
40 team members trained
1 new process created